Vivienne, 28, rode a clattering city bus for three hours to get to PROFAMIL’s Port-au-Prince clinic for the first time last February. She had health problems, and a friend recommended the... READ MORE
Renata and Roselly are youth volunteers at BEMFAM, our Member Association in Brazil, where over 15 percent of young women have sex before they turn 15. As part of the peer educator team in one of the... READ MORE
Marisol, a doctor, has worked for the mobile health unit in Bolivia for two years. The team of health providers travels for hours through winding mountain roads to reach... READ MORE
Belinha_Lemon Torres.jpg
"My name is Belinha. I am 31. I live in Lemon Torres with my mother and my two daughters (8 and 12). I am separated from my husband. I have lived here for twenty-three years. I used to work as a... READ MORE
“I’m the clinic’s technical nurse; I do the pre-appointment consultation with patients, taking their blood pressure, height, weight, etc. I go over a pre-appointment check-list to... READ MORE

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