Inspiring a love of reading, writing, and journalism is a difficult task for any 10th grade English teacher, but it's especially difficult for a woman who—at 5 feet tall—is smaller than most of her... READ MORE
In February of 2008, the women’s health movement lost one of its mothers, and I lost one of mine. Barbara Seaman, a tireless activist on behalf of women’s rights, died of lung cancer at her home in... READ MORE
My grandmother, Brígida Concepción Ortega Fleitas, was known to me as Lela. Her 11 children—8 girls and 3 boys—were all born in her home in Arroyos y Esteros, Paraguay. Her first child, María... READ MORE
When I realized I would be twenty minutes late to the interview, I almost turned around and went home. Why would someone hire a me as a community organizer when I hadn't lived in New York City long... READ MORE
I think I peaked pretty early in my career as far as bosses go. I am convinced that Doortje Braeken, the Senior Advisor on Adolescents at IPPF’s Central Office in London, is one of the most dedicated... READ MORE

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