Court Rules in Favor of Profamilia Campaign

Tochtli Garcia, Public Affairs Associate

Last week, the Catholic Church filed a legal complaint against Profamilia, our local partner in the Dominican Republic. Its claim was that Profamilia’s campaign on sexual and reproductive rights violated the Constitution. Today, the Fifth Civil and Commercial Chamber of the National District issued a ruling that rejected the Church’s complaint.

The judge who made the determination, Eunice Minaya Pérez, said Profamilia has not done what the Church claims, and that censoring the right of a nongovernmental organization to carry out a public awareness campaign infringes on the right to freedom of expression. She added that campaigns like Profamilia’s help to promote comprehensive sexuality education and responsible parenthood.

This case has gotten a lot of coverage in both traditional and social media, with most people making favorable statements about Profamilia and Judge Minaya Pérez.

"The reaction has been massive, of society and the media, in favor of Profamilia,” said Darío Rosario Adames, the Chairman of Profamilia’s Board of Directors. “A few conservatives have responded with outrage, but overall the reactions are positive.”

According to a survey conducted by NewLink, and published by Hoy Digital, 62% of Dominicans support Profamilia’s campaign. The NewLink survey also found that 86% of Dominicans agree with providing comprehensive sexuality education for children and adolescents, 71% believe adolescents should have access to condoms and other contraceptives to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, 39% agree with the right to terminate a pregnancy if the mother's life is threatened, and 19% believe a pregnancy can be ended if was the result of incest and rape.

This victory is a great motivation to not allow ourselves to be intimidated as we continue to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights. We are grateful to our Member Associations, allied organizations, and others who expressed their support in the local media and on social networks in favor of Profamilia’s sexual rights campaign. Together, we can continue to make a real difference.

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KizzyAnn Abraham

Congratulations to Profamilia! Your strides empower us all.

Lauren Donna Graham

Congratulations to Profamilia for standing up to the catholic corporation and preventing a group of sexless men from dictating government policy. This is just one more reason why people are leaving the catholic church in droves. The church's laws and teachings are archaic and have less relevance to the real world with every passing day. Remember, the Dominican Republic is not a theocracy.

Gordon Hilgers

Don't you just love it when the Catholic Church pits one democratic right against another in order to defeat the concept of free will? Face it: Knowledge is power and ignorance isn't exactly as blissful as those who desire to impose it want us to think it is. Congratulations.

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