On November 7, 2011 an international human rights body condemned Peru for violating the human rights of a young woman seeking legal abortion services in the country and ruled that the government must... READ MORE
Below are news stories, blog posts, and other resources released this week regarding sexual and reproductive health Latin America, North America, and the Caribbean: Live chat on population 7 billion... READ MORE
A group of 122 House Democrats fought back today against what they called “a systematic and baseless campaign of misinformation” from House Republicans about UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. READ MORE
On November 2nd, IPPF/WHR's staff received a midday treat from long-time supporters Jerry and Diane Cunningham. During a trip with us to Colombia in October 2010, the Cunninghams were inspired by the... READ MORE
In her opening remarks for Monday's live chat about population issues for Grist, IPPF/WHR Regional Director Carmen Barroso stated that the birth of the 7 billionth person "presents a tremendous... READ MORE

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