Setting Development Goals for Population Dynamics and Reproductive Rights

“I’d like to start by stating emphatically that since addressing global inequality and inequity are our overall principles in revising the MDGs [Millennium Development Goals], we must focus on health inequities to have a meaningful and lasting impact on human development,” said Beth Schlachter of the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, speaking at the Wilson Center on

What is the Commission on Population and Development?

World Cancer Day: Invest in Innovation That Saves Lives

Elba Luz Villalobos Navarro is a 62-year-old woman from El Salvador with long graying hair and a kind smile. Two years ago, a doctor in a public health clinic told Elba she was displaying symptoms of cervical cancer. He told her to buy a $40 cream to treat the symptoms, but did not give her a prescription or tell her what the cream was for. Not understanding the severity of his diagnosis, and without money to purchase the cream, Elba relied on home remedies until the pain throughout her stomach and pelvis became severe.

A Comprehensive Health Strategy Can End Cervical Cancer Deaths

The Next Generation of Family Planning

Family planning is a strategic investment in women, communities, and nations, yet it is still a luxury many take for granted.

¿Qué Pasó Con Lo Firmado?: Measuring Success in the Region

Peru's Historic Victory for Sexual Rights

As many advocates for sexual and reproductive rights can attest, overturning unjust laws and fighting for fair and rights-based policies is often an uphill battle that can take months or, in many cases, years. Advocacy requires tenacity, patience, and resources, and the victories are often few and far between.

Using the Law to Reduce Health Disparities in Peru

Youth Energy and Action Can Move Sex Education Forward

After receiving a fellowship, I recently attended the 7th annual One Voice Summit: Linking Reproductive Health and the Environment, a three-day advocacy training for young people organized by the Sierra Club's Global Population and Environment Program. More than 40 young people from across the United States were selected to travel to Washington, DC in November to learn about the intersection of environmental and reproductive justice issues, domestically and globally, and develop solutions to achieve sustainability.

Move for Your Sexual Rights

Top 5 Blogs about Gender-based Violence in 2012

Gender-based violence is a problem faced by many women in Latin America and the Caribbean; in fact, it is an issue that affects up to 70% of women worldwide. The integration of gender-based violence screening and prevention into sexual and reproductive health services makes it possible to respond to the full scope of a woman's well being. These five blogs present the complexity of this issue and offer a broad perspective on how to ensure women's safety.


Top 5 Blogs about LGBT Rights in 2012

In 2012, Latin American and Caribbean activists continued to demand their right to equality and social acceptance, and governments in the region appear to be listening. From same-sex marriage to adoption rights to LGBT-friendly health services, we are seeing a transformation of the social and political landscape. These five blogs examine some of those changes and the aims we have yet to achieve.

1. Moving Sexual Rights from the Margins to the Mainstream


Men in the Movement: Altin Hazizaj

Top 5 Blogs about HIV/AIDS in 2012

In 2012, world leaders recommitted themselves to creating an AIDS-Free Generation and bringing about the end of HIV in our lifetimes. In Latin America and the Caribbean, young people are at the center of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Not only do they comprise 40% of new infections, but they are also effectively persuading their governments to take steps to prevent the spread of the disease. These five blogs outline various aspects of HIV in the region.



Rape Victims in Peru Face Double Jeopardy

Peru, while famous for its modern culinary delights and ancient civilizations, also has a far less flattering distinction: it has more reported cases of rape and sexual violence than any other country in South America. Eight in ten of these victims are minors.

What Does New Research Say about Gender-based Violence in the Region?

Top 5 Blogs about Safe Abortion in 2012

In 2012, the right to safe and legal abortion became a priority issue for many advocates throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. From Costa Rica to Uruguay, laws that criminalize abortion were debated and, in some cases, changed. These five blogs contain the best overview of current abortion rights struggles in the region.

1. What is the State of Abortion Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean?

The World Takes Action to Decriminalize Abortion
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