Mexico’s Passionate Protestor: An Interview with Angélica García Olivares

Angélica García Olivares began working toward gender equality in Mexico when she was in college. While getting a Master’s degree in psychology, Angélica saw the need to focus on gender-based violence by hearing the stories of the women she counseled. She has been working to end violence against women and girls ever since.

Promoting Health By Responding to Gender-based Violence

Brazilian Court Council Removes a Barrier to Same-Sex Marriage

The National Council of Justice, which oversees Brazil’s judiciary, ruled on Tuesday that notary publics cannot refuse to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. This decision paves the way for lesbian and gay couples in Latin America’s largest country to legally marry. Our Regional Director, Carmen Barroso, said this of the decision:

Transforming a Culture of LGBT Discrimination in Venezuela

Ester’s Wish for the Safety of Girls in Haiti

Gender-based violence remains a chronic problem in Haiti, affecting hundreds of girls and women each year. The Haiti Adolescent Girls Network works to protect and empower vulnerable girls, so they may safely navigate the volatile post-earthquake environment and break the cycle of poverty. It provides them with a safe space to spend time with their peers, learn about their rights, and obtain the support of trusted adults.

Ester's Wish for the Future of Girls in Haiti

In Praise of Wisdom: The Things My Grandmother Would Say

My grandmother was a wise woman. By word and deed, the matriarch of my family taught us all about life. She passed her insights on to my mother who, in turn, shared them with me. Like many Barbadian women, my grandmother was fond of proverbs, dishing out these pearls with a liberal hand. When I think of my grandmother, I think of the sensible sayings that guided her steps. I see how, steadily and surely, I am walking the very same path.


Support Profamilia Dominican Republic

This week, Catholic organizations in the Dominican Republic took legal action against Profamilia and its campaign on sexual rights, claiming that the ads were in violation of several legal and constitutional regulations. 

The campaign has been aired on television and in print, carrying the slogan “Your Sexual and Reproductive Rights are Human Rights.”  The different spots address the need for comprehensive sexuality education, consistent condom use, safe abortion and an end to violence and sexual harassment. 


College Students Spend Spring Break in Haiti

When you think of spring break destinations for college students, Haiti probably doesn’t top the list. The rebuilding projects in the earthquake-ravaged country don’t exactly convey a carefree vibe to combat the stresses of higher education. So, as I made my way to the streets of Port-au-Prince on my way to a Haiti Adolescent Girls Network meeting, I was surprised to come across a group of Howard University students who chose to skip beach parties and ski resorts in order to volunteer.

Safe Spaces for Adolescent Girls in Haiti

Know, Act, Demand: An Interview with Myrna Flores Chang

As the Program Manager for Gender and Rights at Profamilia, Myrna Flores Chang coordinates the organization’s advocacy efforts promoting sexual and reproductive rights in the Dominican Republic.


Paying for Public Health Out of Our Own Pockets

Last week, UN Member States, civil society, regional commissions, observers and specialized agencies gathered in New York City for the 46th Session of the Commission on Population and Development (CPD).*

New UN Agreement Recognizes the Human Rights of Migrants

New UN Agreement Recognizes the Human Rights of Migrants

The Resolution of the 46th Session of the Commission on Population and Development recognized the centrality of meeting the needs of women and young people through migration policies and programs that respect and protect human rights.

What is the Commission on Population and Development?

You Can Save Beatriz’s Life: Sign This Petition to El Salvador's President and Supreme Court

IPPF/WHR joins RH Reality Check, Women's Link Worldwide, and others who are demanding that the government of El Salvador permit doctors to perform an abortion to save Beatriz’s* life.

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