GlobalPost | 3-1-2013
"This man will kill me and nothing will happen." For eight years, Dolores and her children endured severe beatings at the hands of her husband. During the first year of the abuse, she... READ MORE
Haiti VAW.jpg
Haitian Times | 2-20-2013
Sitting with a group of parents and their children on the porch of Profamil’s headquarters, Mariola Dhema recounted vividly the day her three-year old daughter was raped by a 10 and a four-year... READ MORE
The Guardian | 2-13-2013
In 2007, a battle was won in the bitter fight to decriminalise abortion in Latin America when Mexico City passed groundbreaking legislation that allowed any woman to access abortion on request up to... READ MORE
Peru HIV.jpg
UNAIDS | 2-12-2013
The Constitutional Tribunal of Peru is amending an article in its penal code which for many years had criminalized consensual sexual activity among young people. Sentencing was particularly severe... READ MORE
Haitian Times | 2-10-2013
Emmanuela Joseph looks every bit of her 45 years of hard scrabble life in Port-au-Prince. A few months ago, the mother of five children came for a regular check up (a Pap smear exam) at Profamil... READ MORE

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