A Chance to Treat and Cure Cervical Cancer in Haiti

Haitian Times | 2-10-2013

Emmanuela Joseph looks every bit of her 45 years of hard scrabble life in Port-au-Prince. A few months ago, the mother of five children came for a regular check up (a Pap smear exam) at Profamil’s clinic in Port-au-Prince. The nurse explained to her that their clinic had a faster and more accurate test that would detect any cancer.

Though she was skeptical, Joseph reluctantly agreed to the test, called Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid. The result of the test was positive for early stage of cervical cancer. Doctors at the clinic treated Joseph treated using Cryotherapy technique, where an arctic cold liquid is sprayed on the cancerous tissue.

“The seriousness of it didn’t dawn on me until later,” Joseph said to a hotel maid. “I said God, please don’t let me die. My children need me.”

Joseph credits Profamil’s staff with saving her life and has become an unofficial ambassador and spokeswoman for the health program.

“This tells you what I think of Profamil. I’m back here because they helped save my life.”


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