Ilan Cerna-Turoff

Program Coordinator - Youth

Ilan is responsible for supporting our Member Associations and partner agencies in increasing sexual and reproductive health services for young people. He assists in the production and dissemination of program materials, conducts trainings, and works to increase youth participation in programs and services.

Ilan comes to the field of sexual and reproductive health via HIV research and advocacy. For more than four years, he studied high-risk behaviors among young people for the Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine Division of the University of California, San Francisco. While in California, he also sat on two research community advisory boards and coordinated a direct services testing initiative for Black and Latino/a transgender youth. In 2011, he received a Fulbright Research Grant to spearhead HIV and other public health projects in South America.

Ilan holds a Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College in Latin American Studies and a Master's degree in Ethnic Studies from San Francisco State. He is beginning a Master’s program in global health at Columbia University in fall 2012.


Where were you born?
New York, New York, USA

What languages do you speak?
Spanish, English

What's the most amazing thing you've seen while traveling?
I like to be outdoors whenever possible. My most amazing moment was hiking alongside a glacier in the southern ice fields of Chile.

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