Lucella Campbell

Senior Program Advisor for the Caribbean

For over twenty years Lucella has served as IPPF/WHR’s Program Advisor to several Member Associations (MAs) in the Caribbean. She provides technical assistance in varied aspects of program and financial management and project design. Lucella's work involves helping the Caribbean MAs define and execute program objectives; budgeting processes; strategic planning; different phases of the accreditation process; proposal writing. She is the link between the MAs in the Caribbean and the regional office.

Recognizing the importance of youth involvement in MA sustainability, she initiated the Youth Advocacy Movement, a core group of young people who work with the MAs to define program initiatives that effectively respond to the sexual and reproductive health needs of today’s youth. Along with an IPPF/WHR Haiti Team, Lucella was instrumental in overseeing the reconstruction of the MA in Haiti, Profamil, which lost two of its three clinics in the recent earthquake.

Before joining IPPF/WHR, Lucella worked in radio broadcasting and managed a branch of the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation in Ocho Rios. She moved on to the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation as its Communications/PR Officer.

Lucella holds a Masters in Community Economic Development from New Hampshire University.


Where were you born?
St. Lucia

What languages do you speak?
English, French Creole, French

What's the most amazing thing you've seen while traveling?
The total devastation in Haiti post-earthquake, alongside people continuing to make their way through life and the eventual return to normalcy.

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