Thank You for Bringing Health Care to Street Youth in Peru

“We cannot develop as a country without addressing the poverty and discrimination that adolescents face.” - Giovanna Sofía Carrillo, Project Coordinator at INPPARES

Marisol is a seventeen-year-old who lives in Villa El Salvador, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Lima, Peru. After becoming pregnant two years ago, she was abandoned by her boyfriend and family. Fearing a life of living with a child on the streets, she found her way to INPPARES, where she was able to access the services she needed.

In a country where more than half the population lives in poverty, Marisol’s story is not unique. It’s hard enough for most young women to access sexual and reproductive health information and services. Now imagine the added challenges faced by a girl living in the slums of Lima.

With no trusted adults in to turn to, gang violence, sex trafficking, and sexual assault are a constant danger. Many have no money to pay for food, much less health care, and the risk of unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections is high.

“They don’t have resources,” says 24-year-old Bernado, a peer leader who works with street youth at INPPARES. “Sometimes people tell me someone got killed. Or I see a young girl who hasn’t finished high school and is already pregnant. It’s tough.”

INPPARES has a proven track record of reaching vulnerable youth with crucial information and services, but they don’t limit their work to simply providing contraceptives or testing for HIV. In addition, young people in vulnerable circumstances are supported in becoming agents of change in their own lives and the lives of others in their community.

In order to fund the expansion of INPPARES’ work with young people living on the streets in Villa El Salvador, we teamed up with Catapult, a new crowdfunding platform for global projects that support girls and women, to ensure the needs of vulnerable youth are adequately met. Today, we received the good news that this project has been fully funded!

Thank you for helping to ensure young women like Marisol will receive the health care they want, need, and deserve!

Peru's Historic Victory for Sexual Rights


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